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I came across Lifewave stem cell activation patches last year when a friend introduced me to the company. At first I was apprehensive as I found it hard to believe that such wonderful things could be packaged up in a tiny thumbnail size patch. After some time researching and contemplating I said I’d give them a go. I was suffering pain on the sole of the right foot from wearing high heals after a long period of wearing flats. Not sure what exactly was causing the pain but it got worse in the evenings and I was barely able to walk. I was also suffering from a locked pelvis which is a recurring problem and I was unable to attend my therapist to have it sorted. These aches and pains kept me awake at night so at this stage I was ready to give anything a try. I wore the x39 patch on my abdomen just below the belly button and I used the ice wave patches on the sore point of my foot. I wore the patches 12 hours on and took them off at night. And used each patch for 2 days as directed. I didn’t notice any thing dramatic in the first week but week two I noticed that I slept better. I went off to sleep quicker and I seemed to go into a deeper sleep than usual. The following week I noticed that the pain in my foot started to lessen and after 6 weeks I was back doing my long walks with little or no pain in my foot or pelvis. And as an added bonus I have more energy.

Stem cell activation patch is based on biophoton modulation also know as light therapy. The light stimulates a chemical change under the skin. It is similar to the sun rays that penetrates the skin causing a biochemical reaction that creates vitamin D. The patch which is placed on the skin reflects light back into the skin and increases GHK (Copper peptide.) This activates the production of stem cells and starts a process of renewing and repairing.

For many people, stem cell activation therapy provides pain relief that can last for years. And in some soft tissue injuries, stem cell activation therapy can facilitate permanent repair. Their potential for regeneration of damaged tissues is exponential.

How the stem cell activation patch works:
The stem cell activation patch uses crystals that are activated by heat on the body also know as infrared light. This process increases copper peptide and the biochemical reaction activates stem cells. Stem cells go to the area that most needs healing first.

Stem cells are cells that can differentiate into specific cell types in the body. They serve as a repair system and can also offer the possibility of a renewable source of replacement cells and tissues to treat illnesses including alzeimher’s, spinal chord injuries, cancer, stroke, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, neuro-muscular diseases such as parkinsons etc.

With an increase in stem cell activation and the associated anti-inflammatory effect the neurons communicate better in the brain and throughout the body. This normalises all the body functions causing a homeostasis state. It lowers the fight and flight response enabling the body to handle stress better. This reduction in inflammation and stress also causes a sense of calm aiding a better nights sleep. With the right nutrients, energy and low stress the bodys natural healing process kicks in.

As we age our stem cells decline in their ability to do what they were designed to do. By the age of 70 they are almost gone. Stem cells are responsible for youthfulness and all that goes with it; energy and vitality, flexability, fast wound healing, recovery, endurance and much more. Stem cell activation at any age is transformational while helping people to release their highest potential.

GHK benefits: collagen production, anti inflammatory and anti cancer and is very effective in gut healing. Also promotes lung protection and restoration of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is has anti anxiety properties and promotes the bodys natural detox. It also supports the immunity. Improves skin;- firmness, elasticity, and the skin looks clearer.
Repairs the protective barrier proteins and improves the structure of the skin. This can be beneficial in preventing and treating many skin conditions.
Reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles.
Tightens loose skin and reverses the thinning of aged skin.
Detox Activation of cell cleansing via the proteasome system.

Apply on one of 2 acupuncture points C7 or below belly button. They can be placed anywhere on the body. However, studies showed that these two points have the most beneficial effects.

Leave on skin for 12 hours. Leave it off at night for rest and repair. Also the body does most of its detox while you sleep so best to allow this process to happen on its own.

The different types of stem cells:
Adult stem cells or blood stem cells, for example the umbilical cord are the most commonly known stem cell therapies. These procedures are widely accepted as safe and effective by the medical community. A non pharmaceutical therapy, easier and cheaper way of stem cell activation is now available to everyone from the comfort of their own home.

In general, stem cell treatment procedures are paid out-of-pocket by patients, because they are not covered by the health service or many health insurance companies. With a company called Lifewave it is no longer an expensive treatment. It is affordable in most homes today.

Lifewave has a factory in Athenry, Co Galway. The company started producing the stem cell activation patch called X39 over 15 years ago but it is only available to the general public in the last few years. This is a regenerative science with a no drugs and no chemicals approach. It is a patented technology invented by Dr David Schmidt and is backed by science. It has been positively acclaimed by up to 80 independent researchers many of whom are from UCG, Co Galway. This company have over 70 patents and applications globally. In 2019 the sales doubled. The sales tripled in 2020. This highlights the success of the company and the increasing popularity of a natural treatment that can be used in every home for a wide range of reasons.

Benefits of stem cell activation patches:
Reset to a more healthier youthful state.
Non invasive, safe and cost effective way
Rapid pain relief
Reduced inflammation
Supports wound healing
Energy and vitality
Mental clarity
Enhances sports performance
Faster recovery from exercise
Improved skin appearance
Improved flexibility
Work out harder
Recover quicker
Stimulates production of collagen
More balanced and fulfilling life.
Helps people release biggest potential

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