Self limiting beliefs

 Self-limiting beliefs are false assumptions and perceptions of yourself and the world. They prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams in life. They are embedded in excuses, perfectionism, stereotypes, justification, internal and external expectations and are fear based. Many self-limiting beliefs come from childhood and from labels that society give or indeed from one self. They are based on substandard evidence and are embedded in the subconscious mind. As we grow older they become reinforced and get stronger and stronger unless changed. We come from conscious living and we can change the self-limiting beliefs through study, documentaries, reading and therapies such as hypnotherapy or life coaching.

 In childhood self-limiting beliefs start with interactions with others, siblings, the community and schooling.
 When embedded in the subconcious mind they prevent one from achieving certain goals in life.
 They prevent one from becoming their best self and make achieving success and satisfaction in life difficult.

Actions are based on beliefs. It is wise to recognise and develop the mindset.
 Sometimes self-limiting beliefs can be hard to change however they are not always true or helpful.
 What does success look like to you?
 Are you delivering to the world the best version of yourself? What’s stopping you?
 Is it your self limiting beliefs?


Some wise words:

Whether you think you can or think you can’t,  you’re right!- Henry Ford.

Resistance – accept it as a healthy indicator of change.

The same old thinking-the same old results.



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