RubyRose Energy is a pop up shop in Wigoders on 111 Long Mile Rd.

I initially wanted to do something to help people overcome Covid 19.

I believe that it is possible even during lockdown for people to take back control of their lives while still respecting the Covid -19 regulations and government guidelines.

I have brought together a group of like minded people who can help others to overcome adversity during these unprecedented times.

The impact of the times we are living in at present may feel unsurmountable for many people but it need not be.

We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. When any one of these are out of balance it causes stagnation in life and can prevent you from moving forward on your true life path. We all have a purpose but sometimes it isn’t clear till we find balance within ourselves. Physical, emotional and mental pain and illness can sometimes arise from stress and worry and I believe it can be prevented with the right care. Prevention is better than cure. Be proactive with alternative strategies and take a look at what we have to offer.

Fear, anger and sadness are just some of the emotions you might be feeling. But fear is the biggest emotion right now and the opposite of fear is Love. Love starts with self love. Start your journey with self love and self care today. Treat yourself with wellness and pampering at RubyRose Energy.

I stock advanced technology that you can use in your own home for relaxation and wellness. These are noninvasive products. I also supply a wide range of natural skincare, cosmetics and supplements made from herbs, aromatherapy oils, nutrients, other natural ingredients and Love. Most are from Irish based home industries. Handpicked for their high quality and standards, they are science backed and certified. My team can help you to look and feel amazing. It’s never too late to wakeup, show up and follow your dreams.

Many pandemic items available for better sleep, anxiety, low mood, fatigue and to support immunity. Hampers and personalised items also available.

Get ready to move forward and improve your situation…

Our wide range of products can:

Aid relaxation and calm the mind

Replenish your energy

Recharge yourself nutritionally

Aid weight loss



Clear your head and help you focus better

Gain back your confidence

Soothe and mend emotional wounds

Let go of heaviness and pain

Realign physical, emotion, mental and spiritual energy

Assist in releasing deep fears

Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you

Feel centred and happy

May assist your digestion, respiratory, circulatory and endocrine systems

Balances health and wellbeing

Relieve anxiety, fear and stress

Help with depression and addictions

Relief from range of chronic and acute conditions

Improve skin conditions

We are not a medical team and we advise that you seek help from your medical practitioner if suffering from any symptoms of unknown cause or a mental illness.